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Sport all sports in one place 

Movement and physical activity is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, allowing you not only to stay in shape, but also to build a strong connection with yourself and the world around you. Whether sports are your path to professional success or a form of relaxation and escape from everyday life, every moment spent in physical activity brings invaluable benefits to the body and spirit. In a world where balance and harmony are becoming more and more desirable, Sportano meets the expectations of everyone for whom sports is a passion, a way of life or a moment to forget. We offer a space where everyone can find something for themselves - from cutting-edge gadgets to essential equipment for their favorite sports. Our offer is a collection of the best brands and products that are designed to support your athletic ambitions at every level. When you choose Sportano, you are betting on professionalism, quality and passion, which together create a reliable formula for achieving your sports goals. Reach for quality products from top brands such as: Helly Hansen, Under Armour, Salewa, Salomon, adidas, Venum, Merrell and many others.


Running, or jogging, is a sport, but also a lifestyle, accessible to everyone regardless of the season, allowing you to explore the unlimited possibilities of your body and mind. It is valued by both amateurs, looking for a breather from the daily routine, and professionals, for whom each kilometer is a step closer to athletic excellence. Its versatility lies in its simplicity - all you need is a pair of good shoes to start your running adventure in the hustle and bustle of the city, mysterious forests or scenic mountain paths. At Sportano you will find everything you need to make running not just a form of activity, but a true passion. Running clothing to suit any weather, innovative footwear from leading brands such as HOKA, On Running, New Balance or ASICS, accessories to improve comfort and safety - all this is waiting for you to make every run a unique experience, regardless of the conditions outside.


Tourism is a never-ending story, in which every step leads to a new adventure, and around every corner lurks a hitherto undiscovered story. It is the passion of explorers, eager to experience the world in its most authentic form - through direct contact with nature, culture and people. At Sportano, we believe that true adventure begins the moment you decide to go off the beaten path. That's why we offer gear that works in all conditions - from high-mountain expeditions to quiet hikes along forest paths. Durable hiking boots, waterproof trekking backpacks, feather-light tents and multifunctional accessories are just a part of our offer, designed to make every trip, regardless of the destination or difficulty, safe, comfortable and unforgettable. Hiking with Sportano is not just a hobby, it's a way of life, where every trip is a chance to discover a new self and countless secrets hidden by the world. At Sportano, you'll find essential outdoor gear, including comfortable footwear from brands such as Kayland and LOWA, and reliable clothing from The North Face, Columbia and Arc'teryx for all weather conditions.

Bicycles and accessories

The Bicycles and Accessories category in the Sportano store opens the door to a world of unlimited freedom and adventures that await you while riding on two wheels. Cycling is a passion that unites nature lovers who are eager to explore unknown paths, with those who are looking for alternative ways to get around in the urban jungle on a daily basis. In our assortment you will find bicycles for everyone - from sturdy MTB bikes, to lightweight road bikes, to stylish urban unicycles. We also don't forget about accessories that make every trip safer and more comfortable: bicycle helmets, bicycle fasteners, bicycle lights and specialized repair equipment. Sportano is more than a store - it's a place where two-wheeled enthusiasts will find everything they need to enjoy every turn of the pedals, regardless of terrain or weather. Sportano offers bicycles and accessories from top brands such as Orbea, LOVELEC, EcoBike, ASSOS and Kellys, which will ensure comfort and safety during every ride.

Water sports

Water sports are a unique combination of adrenaline and relaxation, providing an unforgettable experience for both thrill seekers and those who seek tranquility and escape from everyday life on the water. At Sportano, we are aware of the diversity of this passion, which is why our offer includes a wide range of equipment for surfing enthusiasts, kayaking and rafting enthusiasts, diving and snorkeling enthusiasts and all those who want to spend time on the water in an active way. We offer high-quality neoprene wetsuits for thermal comfort, wakeboards for every level, stable kayaks reliable on calm but also wild waters, and masks for diving and snorkeling, opening up the underwater world to you in its full glory. In addition, in our assortment you will find stylish beachwear that will allow you to look great both on the board and on the beach. At Sportano, you'll find everything you need for water activities from brands like arena, Billabong, Speedo and JOBE.


Soccer is more than a game. It is a passion that unites people around the world, crossing language, cultural and age barriers. At Sportano, we understand perfectly how important it is to support this passion with the right equipment. That's why our range includes a wide selection of products for soccer players at every level - from amateurs to professionals. We offer footballs that meet the standards of international competitions, shoes that provide excellent grip and comfort, as well as football clothing that maintains optimal body temperature regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to us, every soccer lover can feel like a professional, going out on the field with full confidence in their skills. Sportano is a place where passion for soccer is reflected in every product, helping players achieve their athletic goals. In our store, we offer a wide range of products for soccer players, including footwear, apparel and accessories from top brands such as PUMA, Mizuno, Joma and Diadora to give you the edge on the field.

Fitness and gym

Exercise is key in the pursuit of perfect physical form, allowing you not only to shape your figure, but also to increase your strength and endurance. At Sportano, we know the importance of a varied workout, which is why our offer includes a wide range of equipment and accessories to meet the needs of everyone, from novice physical activity enthusiasts to experienced athletes. We offer reliable cardio training equipment, such as treadmills, stationary bikes and orbiters, as well as strength training equipment, including grips, dumbbells, kettlebells and functional training accessories. Our products are selected with training efficiency, safety of use and maximum comfort in mind, allowing you to achieve all your training goals under optimal conditions. At Sportano, we focus on quality and innovation to ensure that every session at the gym is a stepping stone to achieving the figure of your dreams and increasing your physical strength. With us, you'll find exercise equipment and accessories, including high-quality cardio equipment from brands TREXO, Matrix Fitness or Bowflex, to help you achieve the figure of your dreams.

Rocket sports

Tennis, badminton, squash - racket sports require not only strength, but also tactics and precision. At Sportano, we understand perfectly how important it is to support these skills with the right equipment, which is why our offer includes racquets that are characterized by ideal balance and aerodynamics, racquet sports shoes that ensure stability and speed of movement on the court, and technical clothing that guarantees comfort and freedom of movement during the most intense exchanges. Each product has been carefully selected to meet the requirements of even the most advanced players. At Sportano, we focus on innovation and technology, offering equipment that not only improves game performance, but also minimizes the risk of injury, allowing players to enjoy their favorite sport without worry. Products from brands such as HEAD, Babolat and Wilson are a guarantee of high quality that will help any athlete achieve his or her goals, regardless of his or her level.


Skating, i.e. skateboarding and longboarding, inline skates or scooters, transforms the urban landscape into an unlimited playground, offering a unique perspective to explore the city and its nooks and crannies. At Sportano, we understand the fascination with this form of activity, which is why we offer a wide range of equipment for skateboard enthusiasts of all levels. The boards, rollerblades and scooters available in our store are designed with durability, stability and smoothness in mind, making every session even more exciting and safe. In addition, you'll also find essential protective accessories such as helmets and skating pads, which are key to practicing the sport safely. Skating with Sportano is not only a hobby, but also a lifestyle that promotes physical activity, creativity and community. We offer products that not only meet the technical requirements of skaters, but also reflect their individual style, allowing them to express themselves on every facet of the urban landscape. At Sportano, you will find high-quality skating equipment and accessories from renowned brands such as FILA, Rollerblade and Powerslide. These products will ensure your safety during every ride.


Sportstyle is not just a fashion trend, but a lifestyle that combines comfort, functionality and sport aesthetics, transferring them to everyday wear. At Sportano, we understand the importance of being able to express one's passion for physical activity through clothing as well, so our range of sportstyle clothing, footwear and accessories meets the needs of modern consumers who value both comfort and design. Products from renowned brands such as Geox, GAP and Converse available in the offer of our store combine the latest technologies with fashionable cuts, providing not only comfort, but also a unique look every day. With Sportano you can express yourself without sacrificing comfort and functionality, making every day an opportunity to showcase your unique sporty style. From sneakers to functional sportstyle apparel to stylish accessories, everything is designed to highlight your personality and love of sports, no matter what the circumstances.

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