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Massage equipment and accessories

Massagers in the Sportano shop: relax tense muscles!Small in size and with pads to better stimulate hard-to-reach areas, or larger for a fascial massage of sore muscles in the buttocks or back. In the massagers category at Sportano, there are single and double balls (Duoballs), massage devices and rollers developed by renowned brands such as Body Sculpture, SKZL, EcoWellness, Pure2Improve or Bushido. Massagers - why use them? Key tips Massagers, by self-massaging the trigger points (the area around the muscle belly or surrounding fascia, which is tender and painful when pressed), primarily reduce tension and speed up recovery, e.g. after heavy weight training or intervals. You can use them as a form of preparation for training - included in the warm-up, they will adequately hydrate the tissues, stimulate the muscles to work and thus improve body function and mobility. They are not only used by athletes, they are often part of rehabilitation or are recommended for mobility restrictions or prolonged sitting (at a desk or behind the wheel) or carrying heavy loads.For leg, back, foot and more massage. Choose the right massagerBefore you reach for a particular massager, answer some key questions: What experience do you have with this type of fascial massage equipment? Do you need cardio equipment that works for massaging specific body parts or a more versatile model? What will you be massaging most often? The right choice of massager is important, if only for comfort - an accessory that is too hard, too big or has knobs can effectively discourage regular use, despite all the benefits it brings. As a beginner, choose massagers that are soft and have a smooth surface - this will help your body get used to self-massage. Already using self-massage therapy? Use a device with a ridged or studded design for deeper and stronger stimulation. Another consideration when choosing the type of massager is its length/size. For back trigger points, you need a longer roller or a double ball called a Duoball, while a single ball is suitable for buttocks or calf massage.Depending on its diameter, a single massage ball is suitable for different areas - a small ball is perfect for reaching hard-to-reach areas and can be used to massage the feet, neck or buttocks. The single massage ball is easy to use - simply lay it on the floor or lean it against a wall, then press it against the sore area and begin a slow movement to find the most sensitive areas. The double Duoball will help reduce tension in the spine (lumbar region), chest and neck. When purchasing it, pay attention to the size of the connection between the balls - the larger one can deal with lower back pain, while the smaller one is designed for cervical massage. Vibrating massager The vibrating function allows you to gradually increase the intensity of the pressure and loosen tense muscles faster. Usually, a vibrating massager has several levels of vibration speed, making it easier to adjust the intensity of the self-massage to your needs. It is perfect for reducing pain in the back, neck, shoulders, thighs, calves and feet. Some models, such as the PowerBall Duo vibrating massager BM 508 from Body Sculpture, have an additional cover, which not only serves as a storage compartment, but will also be great for loosening up hard-to-reach areas.Massage device or roller Its construction gives a lot of control in terms of pressure on the painful place, so it will be perfect for deep muscle massage after a workout, Thanks to massaging specific areas it will improve tissue hydration and stimulate circulation, and this will accelerate regeneration. High quality massage devices and rollers are offered by SKZL brand, whose proposals you will find in the offer of Sportano.
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