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Snowboard clothing

Snowboard clothing in the Sportano shopSnowboard clothing is not just about fashion, but above all about functionality. When heading to the slopes, regardless of your level, it's worth remembering that correctly selected clothing is crucial for comfort and safety on the slopes. Among the essentials are a jacket, trousers, sweatshirt, gloves, cap and accessories such as scarves, chimneys and masks. Properly selected according to the weather requirements and individual preferences, they provide optimal conditions for winter sports. Choose from the best snowboard clothing manufacturers such as DC, ROXY, 4F, Quiksilver, BARTS, Dakine or Billabong available in the Sportano shop.Jackets Snowboard jackets and trousers: selection criteria and latest technologiesSnowboard jacket and trousers are two elements you should pay special attention to. They should be characterised by high waterproofness and breathability, allowing comfortable use even in difficult weather conditions. When choosing a snowboard jacket, it's worth paying attention to the insulation technology designed to keep you warm. Similarly, trousers should be durable, with temperature regulation and extra reinforcement in critical areas. Innovations such as GORE-TEX® and Thinsulate™ technology offer unparalleled thermal and waterproofing properties.Sweatshirts Snowboarding jerseys: an essential layer of warmth for every snowboarderSnowboarding jerseys, also known as mid-layers, are designed to provide extra warmth. When choosing a sweatshirt, it is worth paying attention to the material - it should be lightweight, quick-drying and breathable. The most popular materials here are fleece and different varieties of technical knitwear. These sweatshirts are often equipped with special ventilation zips, which allow excess heat to escape quickly.Scarves, Snoods, chimneys and hoods: why are they indispensable on the slopes? These small accessories are extremely important for riding comfort. They protect the face from frost, wind and sun and additionally absorb moisture to prevent overheating. They are usually made of lightweight, breathable and quick-drying materials.Gloves and snowboard hats: providing protection and warmth for your hands and head Gloves Snowboarding gloves should provide effective protection against the cold while allowing freedom of movement. Good quality gloves should be waterproof, insulating and durable. Snowboard hats, although often seen as a style item, play a key role in keeping you warm. When choosing a beanie, it is worth paying attention to its material and construction, which should provide optimum warmth without excessive sweating.Clothing Snowboarding clothing for children: what is important to know when shopping? Snowboarding clothing for children, like clothing for adults, should first and foremost be functional. Children tend to spend more time on the slopes, so it is even more important that their clothing is well-fitting, warm, waterproof and durable. When choosing a jacket and trousers, it is worth paying attention to the insulation technology and the level of waterproofing. Additionally, when choosing children's clothing, it is worth paying attention to features such as adjustable cuffs, hood and number of pockets - these features increase comfort. Children's sweatshirts, like those for adults, should be made of materials that insulate well for warmth and breathe at the same time. Children's scarves, chimneys and hoods should above all be comfortable and easy to put on, even by small hands. It is worth looking out for materials that are soft, lightweight and do not cause skin irritation. Snowboard gloves for children should not only be warm and waterproof, but also easy to put on and take off. It is also important that they are equipped with a strap to prevent loss. Hats for the youngest snowboarders should be warm, soft and comfortable. Many manufacturers offer hats with extra ears on the sides to protect against wind and frost, as well as being an element of style.
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