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Men's trousers

Men's trousers - choose the best model in the Sportano shop Men's sports-style trousers are a versatile and popular men's fashion solution. Thanks to the use of technical materials and advanced technologies, they are the perfect choice for both physical activity and everyday wear. Thanks to the variety of models available, every man can find sports trousers that perfectly suit his needs and preferences. In the Sportano sports shop, a wide range of men's trekking, training, skiing, snowboarding, tracksuit or thermo-active trousers is available from the leading manufacturers of men's sportswear: Salewa, Helly Hansen, Jack Wolfskin, La Sportiva, CMP, Rossignol or The North Face. Types of men's sports trousers Among men's sportswear you will find several basic types of trousers designed with a specific form of physical activity in mind, as well as more versatile models suited to different sports and weather conditions. Choosing the right model depends on your individual needs and preferences, and each type of trousers has its own unique characteristics that affect comfort and performance during training in the gym, at home or outdoors. Men's training trousers They are designed for sports activities such as running, fitness training or weight training. They are characterised by lightweight and breathable fabric that helps to keep the body ventilated and wicking away moisture. These trousers usually have a looser fit, which provides freedom of movement once the elastic waistband is adjusted for a perfect fit. Men's sweatpants This is a classic and extremely popular type of sports trousers. They are characterised by their loose, relaxed fit and often soft material such as cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. Tracksuits are comfortable and suitable for both everyday wear and training. They often have drawstrings at the ankles and waist, making them easy to adjust to your preference.Men's trekking trousers They are made for outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking or mountain climbing. They feature durable and hard-wearing fabric that protects against scratches and abrasions. Waterproof or moisture-repellent coatings mean they can be worn in a variety of weather conditions. Trekking trousers often have multiple pockets, making it easy to store essential items during expeditions. They can come in a 2-in-1 version, i.e. have detachable legs, so they can be used as short shorts in warmer weather. Men's ski and snowboard trousers These are specialised trousers characterised by waterproof and breathable materials that provide protection against cold, snow and moisture. In addition, they often have reinforced knee and buttock areas to increase durability and comfort. Adjustable drawstrings on the legs allow for a snug fit with ski or snowboard boots. Men's thermoactive trousers Serve as a base layer in winter or harsh weather conditions. They are made of thermoactive materials (e.g. a combination of polyester and merino wool) that keep you warm and provide adequate thermal insulation. These trousers are thin, lightweight and flexible, allowing freedom of movement. They are an ideal choice for winter sports or for those who need protection from low temperatures. Men's active trousers - popular materials and technologies Men's active trousers are often made from advanced materials and feature innovative technologies that provide comfort and functionality for a variety of activities. Here are some popular materials and technologies used in this type of trousers: GORE-TEX is a waterproof and breathable membrane that is often used in hiking, skiing or climbing trousers. It provides protection against rain and wind while allowing the skin to breathe; Dri-FIT is a technical fabric mainly used by Nike. It is made of polyester microfibres and provides excellent moisture control and quick drying to help keep the skin dry during exercise; softshell is a lightweight and stretchy fabric that provides protection against wind and moisture. Men's softshell trousers are most commonly used for activities such as climbing, cycling and hiking. Together with the DWR (Durable Water Repellence) water repellent coating, they will perform well in wetter weather conditions; PrimaLoft is a thermal insulation often used in trousers for winter activities such as alpine skiing, skitouring and snowboarding. It is lightweight, warm and insulates the body well against the cold, while retaining its thermal insulation properties even when wet; DWR (Durable Water Repellent) impregnation, which means the fabric does not soak up water and allows water droplets to run off the fabric; 4Way Stretch - a technology that makes the trousers very flexible and allows freedom of movement in any direction, which is important for activities that require a lot of mobility; UPF filter - built into the fabric, effectively reduces the risk of the sun's harmful rays affecting the skin. Advantages of men's sports trousers for everyday use Men's sports trousers are not only the choice for active men, but also the perfect solution for anyone who values functionality and practicality in clothing for everyday use. Thanks to their versatility and advantages, they are worth making a permanent home in your wardrobe. Men's sweatpants are known for being extremely comfortable to wear. They are often made from soft and stretchy fabrics that allow a great deal of freedom of movement. The elasticated waistband and looser fit make them the perfect choice for long work days or a relaxing weekend. Men's training or cycling trousers are perfect if you cycle for leisure or treat your bike as an everyday means of transport. They guarantee maximum thermal comfort on colder days and also shield your legs from scratches on branches or dirt such as mud on rainy days. The men's ski trousers can be worn on a family outing to the ice rink, making a snowman with the kids or other outdoor activities in winter conditions. They will keep you at the right temperature without getting wet and are resistant to mechanical damage. Men's thermoactive trousers will not let you down even in the most extreme weather conditions. Used as a base layer under everyday trousers, they are perfect for maintaining thermal comfort and wicking away excess moisture, while reducing the risk of hypothermia in minus temperatures. Most sports trousers for men are made from fabrics that provide good moisture wicking, meaning they will stay dry even when sweating, which you will appreciate in the warm months as well as when playing with the children. In addition, the fabrics are resistant to wear and abrasion. Contemporary men's sports trousers often combine comfort with a fashionable look. Many brands design men's sports trousers that are visually appealing and match a variety of styles.
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