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Men's bags

Men's bags in the Sportano range - choose the best bag for your favourite physical activity Men's bags are designed to meet the diverse needs of the active man. From travel bags, which are an indispensable companion on business trips or holidays, to training bags for carrying clothes and equipment to the gym, to specialised tennis, ski, football or swimming bags tailored to specific sports. Thanks to the variety of designs, colours and materials, men have the opportunity to choose a model that not only meets their needs, but also perfectly reflects their individual taste and lifestyle. In the category Men's bags in the Sportano sports shop, functional models made of high-quality materials from respected manufacturers such as Nike, EVOC, Hummel, Joma, PUMA, HEAD, Rossignol, Osprey, Topeak or Under Armour are available. Men's bags - types Men's gym bags are designed to store essential accessories such as towels, sportswear and shoes, water bottles. They often have special compartments for shoes, keys, mobile phone and wallet and padded handles for comfortable carrying. They use durable materials with waterproof and breathable properties to protect the contents from moisture and odour build-up. For men who play specific sports, such as football, basketball or tennis, there are special bags for sports equipment. Tennis, padel or squash bags can accommodate racquets, balls and outfits, providing protection and convenient transport. Football bags, on the other hand, are usually made of durable materials (nylon or polyester) that can withstand intensive use and contact with the turf. They have numerous compartments and dividers to help organise your equipment, including special places for balls, pockets for wet items, a separate compartment for shoes, etc. This makes it easy to stay organised and find the equipment you need quickly. Bike bags are designed to hold not only tools and a spare tube, but also food, maps, clothes or a tent. We distinguish between: bike rack bags, handlebar bags, seat bags and bags mounted on the bike frame (usually in the triangle between the seat and main tube). Water sports bags are an essential accessory for lovers of water-based activities such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, swimming or sailing. They are specially designed to protect the contents from water, sand and other weather conditions. Ski enthusiasts have ski bags to hold skis, poles, ski boots and other accessories. These bags have special pockets and compartments to keep everything tidy and protected from damage. Fishing bags are usually made of durable materials (e.g. nylon, polyester) to withstand conditions such as moisture, rain and mud. They offer multiple compartments, dividers and pockets to help organise and segregate your fishing gear. This makes it easy to find the right accessories such as lures, hooks, lines, scissors or fish handling tools. They usually have separate pockets for wet items to avoid the spread of moisture and odours inside the bag. Travel bags for men combine style, capacity and functionality. Made from durable materials, they often have multiple pockets and compartments to help organise clothes, documents, electronics and other essentials. These bags are often airport-compliant and provide convenience for both business and leisure travel. How to choose a men's sports bag? Choosing the right men's bag can depend on the type of sporting activity you enjoy and your individual needs and preferences. Here are some steps to help you choose the right model: identify the type of sporting activity - determine what type of activity you will be using the sports bag for. Will it be gym, tennis, skiing, swimming or another sport? The choice will vary depending on the specific activity; consider the capacity - think about how much space you need to fit all your essential items in the bag. If you are going to the gym and only need space for workout clothes and shoes, a smaller sports bag with a capacity of up to 30 litres may be sufficient; pay attention to the compartments and dividers - these help to organise the contents and, for example, separate wet or dirty items from dry and clean ones. Many sports bags have separate compartments for shoes, small pockets for small items, pockets or holders for a bottle or water bottle, a mesh pocket for carrying a ball, etc; check the material and durability - choose a bag made of durable and hard-wearing material. Men's bags are often subjected to heavy use, so it is important that the material is robust and easy to clean. Technical fabrics, nylon and polyester are popular choices. It's also worth opting for waterproof materials or water repellent coatings to avoid getting the contents wet. This is especially true if you often train outside, want to use the bag in different weather conditions or are a water sports enthusiast. Popular materials used for such bags are laminated nylon or PVC. Seams and zips should also be sealed to prevent water ingress; focus on ergonomics and carrying comfort - check if the bag has comfortable handles or straps to make it easier to carry. If you plan to carry the bag on your back, look out for adjustable straps, ergonomically shaped handles and ventilation systems to help keep you comfortable while carrying; to ensure a comfortable carry. It is also important that the bag is properly balanced so as not to put undue strain on the spine; functionality - find out if the bag has additional features that may be useful to you, such as pockets for keys, phone or wallet, or anti-theft systems. Sports equipment bags may have compression systems that allow you to fit more stuff into less space. Ease of carrying is provided by transport wheels and pull-out handles; details - such as zips, buckles, straps and handles are an important part of a sports bag. Convenient zips make it easy to access the contents, while sturdy buckles and straps allow the bag to be securely fastened and carried comfortably; aesthetics and style - the choice of bag can also depend on your aesthetic taste. Men's bags come in a variety of designs, colours and styles, so you can find one that suits your personal preferences. When choosing a sports bag, remember that it should adapt to your needs and the activity you do. Choosing the right bag can make a significant difference to your comfort and organisation when training or travelling for sport.
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