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Ski touring clothing

Clothing Skitouring clothing on offer at SportanoEvery mountain lover knows how important it is to have the right outfit when hiking. Skitouring, which is a combination of climbing and skiing, places particular demands on clothing: it must be lightweight and breathable, but also warm and waterproof. In response to these needs, skitouring clothing combines the latest technology with excellent ergonomics. In the Sportano shop you will find a wide range of skiable clothing from well-known brands such as Black Diamond, Jack Wolfskin, Maloja, CMP, DYNAFIT, ZIENER and The North Face.Skiable jackets: an armour against the whims of natureThe key element of skiable clothing is the jacket. Thanks to the use of modern materials such as GORE-TEX membranes and Primaloft, skiable jackets offer optimum protection against wind, snow and rain. At the same time, they are lightweight and breathable, keeping your skin dry even during intense exertion. Additional features such as ventilated underpants and numerous pockets increase the comfort of use.Skittraining trousers: mobility and protectionThe trousers are just as important as the jacket. They must allow freedom of movement, but also protect against the cold and wet. Elastic inserts, adjustable straps and reinforced panels on the knees and buttocks make them indispensable when climbing and descending. Waterproof zips and breathable materials ensure that, even in the harshest of conditions, your legs stay dry and warm.Skittering gloves: precision in freezing conditionsHands are particularly vulnerable to the cold when ski touring, so the right gloves are essential. Skitouring gloves combine warmth and insulation with a precise feel, allowing you to handle your equipment with ease. Waterproof materials and breathable inserts ensure optimum comfort, while special coatings on the fingers allow touchscreen devices to be used without having to take them off.Skittering hats and balaclavas: warmth and protection A beanie is not just a fashion accessory - it's a key part of mountain clothing. By protecting the head from heat loss, it ensures thermal comfort. The balaclavas, on the other hand, offer additional protection for the face, neck and nape. Made from breathable and stretchy materials, they adapt perfectly to the shape of the head for maximum protection.Ski socks: the foundation of comfort on long hikingAlthough often underestimated, skittering socks play a key role in ensuring foot comfort. Made from a blend of synthetic and natural fibres such as merino, they provide the perfect fit, thermoregulation and moisture wicking. Additional reinforcements on the heel and toe add to their durability.Skittering jerseys and sleeveless jackets: layers for optimal thermoregulationProper thermoregulation is key when hiking in the mountains. When worn as layers, skydiving sweatshirts and sleeveless jackets help to maintain an optimal body temperature. Flexible and breathable materials guarantee freedom of movement and a perfect fit. Depending on the weather conditions and individual preferences, they can be combined with other garments to adapt to increasing levels of activity. Skitter hoodies often feature breathable panels to help wick away moisture and keep the skin dry. Sleeveless jackets, on the other hand, offer additional thermal insulation in key areas such as the chest and back, while still allowing freedom of movement in the arms - indispensable during intense climbing. Contemporary skydiving clothing is a true blend of science and style. Thanks to advanced technologies and innovative solutions, we are able to enjoy mountain adventures in complete comfort, whatever the weather conditions. Good clothing is not only a guarantee of safety, but also an expression of personal style and individuality. By choosing the right ski touring wardrobe items, we can feel confident and stylish on any trail.
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