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Exercise bands

Bands, rubbers and expanders at Sportano - add variety to your workout! The category of bands, rubbers and expanders in the shop includes durable equipment which is ideal for general development training, as well as modelling e.g. buttocks or arms. Exercise bands and expanders of well-known brands: Thorn Fit, SKZL, Schildkröt, HMS, inSPORTline, DBX Bushido or Gipara are handy and light training accessories, thanks to which you will enrich your training at home or in the open air with the appropriate load. Mini band, power band or hip band? Choose the best resistance bands When choosing resistance bands, consider what you will mainly be using them for. Are you focusing on strengthening and shaping your glutes? Reach for the mini band resistance rubber set, which features several types of bands corresponding to different load ranges. It will allow you to progress the difficulty of your exercises and achieve better results. Don't have space for a home gym, want to strengthen your whole body or learn to pull yourself up on an exercise bar? Power bands would be the ideal choice. The resistance levels of exercise bands are usually indicated by colour (e.g. yellow, pink, green - light resistance, red and blue - medium resistance, black, grey, gold - strong resistance). Another determinant of resistance in exercise bands is the width. For example, a width of 13 mm means low resistance up to about 9 kg, 32 mm is medium resistance up to about 25 kg, and 64 mm is already high resistance up to about 55 kg. The thickness of the exercise rubber also determines the resistance - the thicker it is, the better it is for exercising large parts of the body, e.g. the back or chest. Mini bands These take the form of loops (circumference 50-80 cm) and are usually manufactured from stretchable latex or robust nylon. Mini bands are best for exercises to strengthen the buttocks, abdomen and shoulders. They can be used as an additional load when exercising with barbells or dumbbells. Power bands Power bands are longer (circumference of 2 m or more), more stretchy and thicker than mini bands. The wide range of resistance levels makes it possible to use them in warm-ups or in the main workout in powerlifting, crossfit, as well as in the exercises of a beginner. Hip band Material resistance bands (usually cotton with plastic) in the shape of a sash are low-stretch (more resistance) and hold well in one place (more comfort). They are mainly used for lower body training. Floss band Individual resistance bands for wrapping tense and painful areas. They vary in length, width and thickness. They are used to relax muscles and surrounding fascia, reduce swelling and increase joint mobility. Floss band compression bands will be a good companion for recovery after injury or surgery, as well as for training with heavy weights. Which expander to choose? Tips The inconspicuous expander, a combination of two handles and elastic bands and springs, will help you develop strength and strengthen arm, back, chest and shoulder muscles. In order for it to meet expectations, the type of expander should be selected according to your level of training. For beginners, the best choice is the classic expander with the option to adjust the load by unfastening and fastening the elastic bands, which generate the appropriate resistance. Classic expander with handles The most frequently used type of expander, which is perfect for general body development training. There are two versions of the classic expander with handles: non-adjustable (rubber bands and handles are connected permanently) and adjustable (handles and rubber bands are separate, you can choose different resistance, they are usually sold in sets). Spring expander The spring expander is shorter than the classic expander. It is used for shoulder, back and chest training. It is usually a combination of two handles and springs, the number of which can be increased/decreased to match the load to a particular exercise. Rubber ring expander This expander has a circular shape and neoprene handles on opposite sides. It helps to work on stronger and nicely defined upper body parts. The ring expander is also used in Pilates. The figure-eight rubber expander It is shaped like a figure eight and combines thick rubber with neoprene or foam grips. The figure-eight expander is mainly used to strengthen the upper body and abdominal muscles. A wide range of bands, rubbers and expanders at will allow you to choose equipment tailored to your individual needs and achieve satisfactory results at every stage of advancement.
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