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Men's running shoes

Men's running shoes - choose the perfect model at Sportano Whether you're running short distances or preparing for a marathon, the right running shoes are key to achieving success, staying physically healthy and enjoying every workout or competition. Matching your running shoes to your individual needs and goals is paramount, not only for comfort, but also for training efficiency and injury prevention. In the Sportano sports shop you will find a wide selection of men's running shoes from top brands such as ASICS, Saucony, On Running, Mizuno, Brooks, HOKA or New Balance. Men's running shoes - key features Key running shoe parameters such as cushioning, foot support, foot type and surface type are closely linked to the individual needs of the runner Cushioning is one of the most important parameters of running shoes. It refers to the shoe's ability to absorb the shock generated when the foot hits different types of surfaces. Adequate cushioning helps to protect joints and muscles from excessive strain and thus helps to minimise the risk of injury or trauma. Depending on their running style and individual performance, runners experience considerable stress on their joints as they cover the kilometres. It is therefore important to choose shoes that offer adequate cushioning to suit personal needs. Runners with a heavier weight or heavy running style may need more advanced cushioning. Foot support refers to the design of the shoe that provides stability and control of foot movement. Shoes can have different levels of support depending on the runner's foot type (neutral, pronating, supinating), which refers to the natural movement of the foot during running. For runners with pronation (excessive inward positioning of the foot) or supination (excessive outward positioning of the foot), it is important to choose shoes with adequate arch support for the foot. Choosing shoes that are tailored to your foot type helps prevent injury and improves your comfort during exercise. Type of surface and choice of running shoes The type of surface you intend to run on has a significant impact on choosing the right running shoes. A good shoe fit for the type of surface can help you avoid injury and improve your overall running experience. Running on asphalt is common in cities and on street trails. It is a hard and relatively even surface. Tarmac running shoes should provide well-balanced cushioning to absorb shock and provide comfort. Specialised asphalt running shoes usually have thin, flat soles to provide stability. Running on uneven terrain, in the woods or on dirt trails requires shoes with better grip, protection from rocks and roots and stability. Trail running shoes should have a durable and abrasion-resistant sole, a sturdy upper that is moisture- and water-resistant yet has good breathability, and reinforcements in the toe and heel area. It is advisable to choose models with an aggressive tread for better grip on uneven surfaces. Tartan running shoes should be lightweight and provide good grip, especially during fast sprints. They usually have a flat midsole to provide stability and even weight distribution when running on hard and flat surfaces. Professional sprint shoes have spikes on the soles to provide adequate grip on the tartan. If you're planning to run on a treadmill at the gym or at home, it's worth choosing lightweight shoes with great breathability that will help you maintain your pace but also provide adequate ventilation. Good cushioning will ensure that your joints and muscles are protected during your treadmill workouts, and adequate grip will help you avoid slipping on the treadmill belt. Opt for running shoes with an abrasion-resistant sole. Shoes for running on sand or the beach should have special soles designed for running in soft ground. This type of running shoe often has a tread with large grooves that make it easier to move through the sand. Advanced materials and technologies in running shoes Running shoe manufacturers are introducing more and more advanced solutions that allow runners to perform better and enjoy greater comfort during training and competitions. Choosing the right shoes with these advanced technologies in mind can make a significant difference to the running experience and foot health. Popular solutions include: EVA foam is one of the primary materials used for cushioning in the sole of the shoe. EVA is lightweight, flexible and provides excellent shock absorption; PU (polyurethane) foam is more durable and dense than EVA, which can provide longer shoe life and stability. It is often used in parts of the midsole. Zoom Air technology is Nike's air cushion system that provides responsiveness and cushioning. Small air cushions are placed in the sole to help absorb shock and increase rebound energy; Boost foam is an innovative foam developed by Adidas that offers excellent cushioning and manoeuvrability. It is known for its durability and exceptional comfort; Flyknit (Nike) and Primeknit (Adidas) are material technologies that allow the uppers to be produced from a single piece of material, which provides excellent fit and breathability. It also reduces the number of seams, which can reduce the risk of abrasions; GORE-TEX® is a membrane used in trail and mountain running shoes. It provides waterproofing and breathability, protecting feet from rain and mud; GuideRails technology used in Brooks running shoes helps maintain the natural movement of the foot and prevents excessive twisting; ISOFIT technology in Saucony brand running shoes provides adaptation to the shape and movement of the foot for a customised fit; carbon plates in the midsoles of marathon and long-distance running shoes help improve agility and performance; anti-microbial and moisture control technologies - the inner liners and insoles of shoes can incorporate technologies that help maintain foot hygiene and control moisture; nanotechnology in upper materials is used to produce upper materials that are more durable, stain resistant and easier to clean. It is advisable to consult an expert at the Sportano sports shop to carefully match the shoes to your running style, foot type and planned routes. This will ensure that you are comfortable and safe during every training session or competition.
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