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Children's swimming shirts

Children's swimming shirts on offer at the Sportano shopChildren's swimming shirts are an essential piece of beach and pool clothing, providing not only comfort and convenience, but also protection from the sun and the coolness of the water. The variety of styles, colours and designs available means that every child can find something to suit them, while enjoying a safe and enjoyable stay in the water. At Sportano, you will find high-quality children's swimming shirts from renowned brands such as LEGO, Billabong, Color Kids, Reima, ROXY and Rip Curl.Advantages of children's swimming shirts Children's swimming shirts offer a number of advantages that make them an essential piece of equipment for every little swimmer. The biggest benefit is protection from the sun's harmful rays. Thanks to special materials with UV filters, these shirts effectively protect children's delicate skin from sunburn, which is particularly important during a long stay at the beach or by the pool. Another important advantage of swimming shirts is that they provide an extra layer of thermal insulation. Children are more prone to losing heat in cold water, so swimming shirts help to keep their bodies warm, increasing comfort and allowing them to play in the water for longer. The elasticity of the material is another key aspect. Materials such as elastane allow freedom of movement, which is essential when learning to swim or playing in the water. The elasticity ensures that the T-shirt does not restrict the child's movements, while still adhering to the body, minimising the risk of skin irritation. In addition, children's swim shirts are often made from chlorine and salt water resistant materials, increasing their durability and ensuring that they will last for many seasons. This resilience is important given the frequent exposure to pool and sea environments. Children's swimming shirts are also available in a variety of colours and designs, making them attractive to children. Being a fashionable and colourful piece of clothing, they encourage children to wear them, which increases their desire to participate in aquatic activities. Finally, these shirts increase a child's visibility in the water, which is an important safety feature. Bright colours and patterns make it easier for parents and carers to quickly locate their child, whether in the pool or on the beach.Choice of material: what makes swimming T-shirts unique? A key factor that sets swimming T-shirts apart from other garments is the material from which they are made. Choosing the right material has a direct impact on the functionality, durability and comfort of the T-shirt for the child. Elastane, also known as Lycra, is one of the most commonly chosen materials for swimming shirts. Its main advantage is its exceptional elasticity, which ensures a perfect fit and freedom of movement. This is particularly important for children who are extremely active and need clothing that will not restrict their natural movements in the water. UV protection is another key aspect that makes swim shirts special. Many children's swimming shirts are made from materials that contain built-in UV filters that effectively protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays. This is particularly important for children whose skin is delicate and more susceptible to sunburn. Quick-drying properties are another important factor. The materials used in the manufacture of swimming shirts are designed to dry quickly once they get out of the water. This ensures that the child does not have to stay in wet clothing for a long time, preventing them from getting cold and increasing their comfort. It is also important that the material is resistant to chlorine and salt water. This feature ensures that the T-shirt will retain its colour and shape even after repeated use in the pool or sea, which is essential for maintaining high quality swimming apparel.How to size a swimming T-shirt for your child?Matching the size of a swimming T-shirt for your child is extremely important to ensure comfort and functionality. The wrong size can not only cause discomfort, but also restrict freedom of movement or fail to provide adequate protection. The first step in sizing is to measure the child's body circumference. It is important to measure the circumference of the chest, waist and hips and then compare these measurements with the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Bear in mind that different manufacturers may have slightly different size standards, so it is always worth checking their specific guidelines. Another consideration is to take your child's height into account. Children grow at different rates, so a T-shirt that fits now may become too small in a few months. It's therefore worth considering buying a T-shirt with a little extra to ensure longer wear. It is also important that the T-shirt is neither too tight nor too loose. A T-shirt that is too tight can cause discomfort and hinder movement, while a T-shirt that is too loose will not provide adequate protection and may slip off the body more easily when swimming. A fitting before purchase is recommended if possible. This will allow you to assess how the T-shirt fits your child and whether it provides adequate freedom of movement. If purchasing online, it is worth taking advantage of the returns policy offered by many retailers to exchange the T-shirt for a different size if necessary.
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